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NSA Dating

NSA Dating is the best place to find sexy singles and doubles who match your own relationship and sexual preferences. Our membership is growing every day and it’s easy to find your perfect match with our profile filtering feature.

You’re welcome to join us anytime, no matter your sexual preference, ethnicity, kink, hair colour or marital status. There’s no discrimination here and everyone’s here to have fun, just as you are. An amazing encounter awaits – all you’ve to do is sign up for free and create your profile. It really is as easy as that to get started!

NSA (No Strings Attached) Dating

NSA stands for ‘no strings attached’. NSA dating refers to a type of dating where people meet up to have some fun, sex and a good time – without any expectation of a relationship in the future. It’s always approached with an open mind.

Some people date someone new every week to change things up, while others prefer to have regular people they meet up with. If you find someone you enjoy spending personal time with through our platform, arranging to meet up regularly is normal – you don’t have to meet someone new all the time. It’s entirely up to you.

We know no strings attached dating can be tricky and we understand why too – because when some people say they want a no strings attached sexual encounter, what they really want is someone to love them. While sex with a stranger can be passionate, love isn’t what NSA dating is about. NSA dating is all about freedom.

And that’s why our dating platform is different. You’ll meet like-minded people who enjoy the same kinks as you. Hooking up with your ideal sexual partner or your ‘Tinderella’ is the aim of the game here, and it’s great fun.

Why not browse our secure and discrete website now and start making connections with like-minded adults It is quick and easy to get started with a free initial membership, so what are you waiting for? Join today!

All we can say is that casual style dating works well and it can work for you too, so why not give it a go and sign up today? Join today and get chatting with members who, like you, want no-strings fun with other adults.

Enjoy all these great features and more:

NSA Dating






Find open-minded friends in your local area. You can search in numerous combinations including – build, ethnic origin, favourite sexual position, hair colour, length, photo, video, height, interests, marital status, pierced, online now, shaved or almost anything you can imagine. To maximise your chances of finding success, we’ve enhanced the member area of each site to include members with all interests and characteristics. You can still use our search settings to find exactly what you are looking for.

Charlotte’s NSA Dating Story

Charlotte is 34. She joined our dating platform in 2015. She’s been an active member ever since and has met up with nine men (and women) in that time.

“I have never been very good at meeting people for dates. My issue has always been one of sexual preference. In other words, I know what I like. I’m bi-sexual but don’t like the gay club scene, so rarely get to meet women. I joined NSA dating with an open mind and hoped it would connect me with more women.”

“What I found was incredible. I didn’t expect to find over twenty matches in a few hours, but I did! I started out cautiously by messaging the women I liked. I messaged a few men too to balance it out. Anyway, the first person I met was actually a man. He was great, and he gave me the confidence I needed to meet up with women.”

“I met with a beauty called Claire and we hit it off right away. We met at a hotel for a few drinks and went to her room afterwards. We spent the night, and it was some of the best sex you can imagine. I really enjoyed myself and it was completely safe.”

Dating Without the Commitment

couple in bedDating without commitment is what NSA dating’s all about. There are no strings attached. In other words, you’re free to meet people without any expectation of a relationship or even meeting up again. It’s casual, temporary dating.

This isn’t about finding your one true love. It’s about having fun. Normally, when you start dating you do so to find a partner. In this case, you do so because you’re looking for someone to have sex with without the commitment.

Regretfully, people do fall in love through casual encounters. However, you limit this possibility greatly by meeting new people and not investing too much time in one person. It means you can have fun without fear of breaking someone’s heart.

Fact is, dating someone who has feelings for you is a drag if you don’t feel the same way. It’s normal to have an interest in the people you meet when dating without commitment, but you should draw a line when it comes to emotional attachment. This way, you’ll move on to new people and never get tied down by one person.

Goodbye commitment, hello freedom.

Daniel’s NSA Dating Story

Daniel is 54. He joined NSA dating in 2015 following the breakup of his marriage. He has met up with three women through our platform.

“After I got divorced I couldn’t wait to start mingling again. I signed up to a few sites but found most of them didn’t offer what I wanted – complete, unadulterated no strings attached dating. I found NSA dating by chance after looking for some advice online. I’m very happy with the platform and the people on it!”

“The best thing for me is the ability to search by sexual preference and kink. Nothing is strange here and everyone’s just wanting a bit of fun. Having worn the marriage T-shirt, it was time for a change and I’m glad I went for it.”

“If you have any qualms about joining up, remember it’s free to sign up and you can browse member galleries for free too. The online chat is a paid feature but it’s worth it because it’s completely secure and keeps all your messages in one place. Finally, a piece of advice – don’t do anything by halves. Get in there and go for it, you’ve nothing to lose!



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