Staying Safe When NSA Dating

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Online dating has changed the way many of us meet people for fun, relationships and sex. However, with NSA dating, the same risks apply as with any date.

Keeping safe is a smart way to ensure that if something’s amiss, you’re free to walk away safely.

NSA dating is enjoyed by thousands of people across the country. They love the chance to go out and have fun with someone without the drama of commitment or emotions.

But as with many things in life there are things you should be aware of, especially if you are new to no strings attached dating.

We have some top tips for how you can keep yourself safe when going on friends with benefits dates.

Phone a friend

Tell a friend when and where you are meeting your date and when you expect to be home. Arrange to text them an hour into the date to let them know that all is well, and again when you are home safely.

You don’t have to tell your friend any more than you want to about what you get up to on the date – just that you are enjoying yourself and are safe.

Make your own way there and back

Drive your own car, or travel by public transport – do not agree to be picked up; certainly not from your home on a first date. This ensures you have a way to get home without relying on your date.

If you are worried about a date following you home then stay in a public place and call a cab or a friend.

Set clear rules

Before you meet up be clear about the rules you will both adhere to. It is also wise to set a start and end time for the date, so if things become awkward you don’t have to find an excuse to leave.

Meet in a public place

Meet in a public place – not at your date’s home or in a hotel room. If things go well you can decide where to go, but to start with a coffee shop, pub or park will allow you to weigh each other up and decide whether you want to go further.

Do not get drunk

A glass of wine may help to ease any nerves and help the conversation to flow but it can put you at risk. Do not overdo the alcohol.

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