The Best Apps for Better and Safer NSA Sex

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Relationships and finding them has fundamentally changed with the advent of online dating and dating applications, and so has finding sex. Gone are the days when clubs, adverts and chance encounters were your only way of finding a little no-strings adult fun, replaced instead with instant and interactive chat, picture and video apps which promise to connect us with likeminded people.

Whilst the best way to meet NSA singles in your area is through a dedicated online dating website where you can filter by kinks, body preferences and more, there are a number of apps which can help to augment your experience and create a safer and better no-strings attached sex life. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Disckreet – iPhone, £1.99

When you’re chatting to a potential sexual partner, you might want to send them a little something to get their imagination fired up. That could be a saucy picture or a steamy video, but you don’t want to send it over an unsecured communication tool, where anybody could see it. That’s where Disckreet comes in.

You can store your private images on the app, and then invite people to view them, giving them a special passcode to do so. It stops anyone flicking through your camera roll from discovering your intimate shots, and means that your images don’t end up on third party websites where they can be found. Put simply? It’s the best way to send sexy pictures to your potential partner.

CoverMe – Android & iPhone, from £3.99 per month

NSA sex is about total freedom to walk away at the end, satisfied and with no obligations. However, when you’re giving your mobile number out to strangers, there’s no guarantee they won’t make repeated overtures, whether you’re still interested or not.

That’s why we’d always recommend you sign up with a service which can provide you with a ‘burner’ number which you can send and receive texts and calls from, right from your smartphone. It gives you that extra degree of anonymity, so you can go enjoy yourself without the panic of people knowing your real number.

bSafe – Android & iPhone, free

If you’re new to NSA dating, it’s only natural to be a little nervous, but how do you make sure people know where we are, if we’re out for a little fun? Well, the bSafe app is an excellent option. With a gigantic selection of features, bSafe distinguishes itself with excellent tracking and communication features, so your friends or family can keep an eye on you if you’re worried about a potential meet up.

Of course, it’s extremely unlikely that anything would go wrong, but for that added peace of mind, the bSafe app for your smartphone is a top choice. Just remember to have whoever you want to track you download the app and set up a profile too!