What is ‘No Strings Attached’ Dating?

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The modern dating scene can, at first, seem insanely confusing. The internet has given rise to a world of dating websites, apps and services. However, it’s also given rise to a new dating terminology, where BBW, NRE, MBA an SBF sit proudly in profiles.
It can be confusing for those of us who haven’t immersed ourselves in dating culture, but these new terms have been a force for good. We now have the language to articulate our dating selves, our sexual desires and our relationship wants and needs.
That’s undoubtedly a good thing, but it’s of no use if you don’t know what on earth everyone’s banging on about.
One term that’s often used in online dating circles is ‘no strings attached’. But what does ‘no strings attached’ mean, and what is a ‘no strings attached’ relationship? In this article, we’re going to break down the term. Let’s get started.

What does ‘No Strings Attached’ Mean?

In its most basic sense, ‘no strings attached’ relationships (sometimes known as NSA relationships) are relationships in which two people share a physical connection, but not an emotional one.
In a standard relationship, that’s bad news. However, for ‘no strings attached’ daters, that’s exactly what they’re after. NSA dates are about getting your physical desires fulfilled, having fun and then going off and doing your own thing. No obligations, no expectations, just two people having fun without any strings attached.

How do ‘No Strings Attached’ Relationships Work?

If you’ve never been in a ‘no strings attached’ relationship, it can seem hard to imagine how such an arrangement works. After all, many of us are accustomed to the notion that sexual intimacy is something that’s earned after going on dates, getting to know somebody and letting your feelings grow for one another.
In a ‘no strings attached’ relationship though, sex is often right at the forefront. Those interested in NSA relationships aren’t looking for cosy, long-term arrangements where parents are met and gifts are exchanged at Christmas. They want fun, free sexual experiences with likeminded people and the ability to change the tune whenever they want.

Why Would you Want a No Strings Relationship?

Now that you know what a no strings relationship is, the natural next question is: why would you want one?
The answer to that is a simple one: many people simply aren’t happy in committed, long-term relationships. It’s not a moral failing or a choice, but simply something that lots of people feel. It’s what leads to many leaving what others would consider perfectly happy relationships behind.
For others, no strings attached dating is a way to fulfil their sexual desires in a totally safe space. Websites like ours offer a platform for people to foreground their sexual wants in a way which simply isn’t common on other dating websites. There’s no need to be shy, coy or uncomfortable.
With no strings dating, there’s nothing keeping you from enjoying incredible, free sexual experiences. So, why wait?

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